The coolest profession in the world

I have one of the most rewarding professions in the world. I transform other peoples’ lives through the incredible journey of hypnotherapy. 

Let me explain to give you a little insight into my world. I am a clinical hypnotherapist, and usually when I tell people this, the most common reaction I get is “OH!”, as I see the confusion on peoples’ faces. 

Even though hypnotherapy has been around for centuries, a high percentage of people still have a misconception of it. The most common image that flashes into people’s head is of a stage hypnotist making willing participants dance like chickens on stage. And be honest, this might have crossed your mind too. The second, and possibly scarier version that pops up, is of Kevin Bacon’s character in the thriller, Stir of Echoes.  So it’s no surprise really that people are a tiny bit wary of what a hypnotist might do to their lives. And to be honest, my first experiences of hypnosis were like the above, so my initial thought was somewhat similarly: what a load of bollocks. But as luck or fate would have it, years after my first entanglement with the subject, I came across a guided hypnosis tape that changed my mind and the course of my life. 

Without going into too much detail, let me give you a quick and simple explanation: hypnosis is simply a wonderful tool to help you change your life. It is not magic, and it is not supernatural (mostly anyway). Just like if you wanted to change your body shape you would have the option of choosing cycling, running, gym, yoga and a huge number of other options, when you want to change your life you can choose from just as many options including hypnotherapy. 

And here I could go on and on about the history, the achievements, and if anybody is interested please let me know, I would be more than happy to. But how I like to explain to clients that are new to this is: A hypnotherapist is like the GPS for your mind. As with a real life GPS for a car, first you need to get out of bed, get dressed, get into the car and decide where it is you wanna go, then the GPS will just find the quickest way for you to get  there. Similarly with hypnosis, you need to decide what you want to change and what is your end goal, and hypnosis can show you the quickest way to get there. Simples, right?! 

Well, obviously there is a little or lot more to it. But we will get to that too. One thing I’m sure of though, that with constantly emerging new mental and physical challenges in our lives, we are all in a little need of a good guidance system. 

Welcome to the world of hypnotherapy! Welcome to the wonderful world of opportunities!

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